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Time to activate that Maverick

On that elusive search for more, most people just like you and me (also, er, you and me actually) can be lead farther away from answers rather than hitting that jackpot we think exists.

Why is that you may wonder?

Most times, it’s a variation on trying to fit into someone else’s mold after just having left an old one.

Let me explain.

So you set off on this quest to find deeper meaning in your life, relationships, business or even just in your body.

It’s exhilarating and freeing to finally decide you deserve more, right?

But here’s where it gets tricky (to say the least).

You get all eager to shed old stories, drop the facades and labels, disrupt your status quo like a boss, and you do exactly that at varying degrees on rapid speed.

Like a happy bull in a china shop, you declare to the world (or the bathroom mirror while Beyonce is blasting) that you are DONE with everyone else’s rules and expectations! Let freedom reign!

But…..and it’s a big one… fail to realize there’s no plan for what comes next.

I mean really, in that moment, the last thing bold new you wants is a plan! Forget plans! I’m going to run caution into the wind! Let my hair loose and be freeeee!

Little tip? It lasts just a bit of time that awesome reckless abandon stage. And while it is totally necessary for that stretch of time, it can leave a massive vulnerability and confusion hangover in its stead once it blows through town.

So what on earth are you supposed to do to find your mojo, explore the next version of you in any area of life and not feel like you are wearing someone else’s proverbial costume?




You must be wondering….what on earth is this lady talking about?

Let me backtrack.

There is a psychological theory called an archetype, while originally coined by Plato, a whole teaching philosophy was developed by Swiss psychiatrist named Carl Jung in the 1900s.

According to Wikipedia, ‘Jungian psychology, archetypes are highly developed elements of the collective unconscious.

Being unconscious, the existence of archetypes can only be deduced indirectly by examining behavior, images, art, myths, religions, or dreams. Carl Jung understood archetypes as universal, archaic patterns and images that derive from the collective unconscious and are the psychic counterpart of instinct.

They are inherited potentials which are actualized when they enter consciousness as images or manifest in behavior on interaction with the outside world.’

Simply stated, archetypes are universal almost mythical like characters that play out in themes within history and culture- the ‘roles and masks’ we wear.

So how can they help you and why would you want to wear a mask?

Here’s the thing.

An archetype, utilizes well in your life, can help you capture an almost superhero version of an element of your personality and help you amplify that quality. Pretty cool right?

So let’s say for example, you are afraid of public speaking. But, if you stepped into a role of the Wise Sage or Teacher, you could feel a different sense of self in a way and have that side of you be who does your presentation!

If you are shy in from of new people, The Jester part of you is an element you could work on to bring humor and some playfulness into yourself.

And so on and so on. It’s fascinating work and lots more for another time.

So, back to the Maverick. The Maverick is an archetype is the basis of what so many of us want to embody.


1. an unorthodox or independent-minded person.
synonyms: individualist, nonconformist, free spirit, unorthodox person, original, eccentric;
The Maverick is an independent thinker.
A dreamer.
A bold one who is tired of other people’s rules defining how he or she should live their lives, love their people or build their businesses.

The Maverick in all of us is ready to be unleashed and THAT is what I am here to help bring out in you what I see in you that you don’t even know is there- YET.

The Maverick is that inner disruptor! Think renegade, rebel, catalyst side of you who wants more out of every aspect of life.

THAT is the part that stops following other people’s rules and shortcuts and takes that initial fire you found within yourself when you started breaking free from conformity and turns it into an action plan, instead of a road to burnout!

Who wouldn’t want to have more of THAT side of you hanging around, right?

So after you hit the hangover from the reckless abandon stage we talked about earlier, you need a solid PLAN.

A way to create a stronger sense of self in all areas, but the only tools you remember learning were the ones you threw away when you decided you wanted to be more fully you and stop following rules…errr slight dilemma there.

And this is exactly where so many people get stuck!

They want to step out of line and find their own way….only to land themselves on a different line with different structure and rules merely because as humans we still crave it even when it’s the thing we want to most rebel against!

So the key to creating new pathways is to find out what you WANT not what you think the world wants of YOU.


Time to activate that Maverick.


You see when you bring in this Maverick side of you it’s not about being the loudest in the room and always knowing what to do. It’s about creating a life that works for you in the deepest most bold way meant for you.

But what can it look like you may be wondering? No worries I’ve got you.

I teach a 5 faceted Maverick life because just like you, most people don’t know what’s missing yet so they can’t just step into a different mode!

You ready? Let’s roll up our sleeves.



It all starts with our head. Mindset, Spirituality, Head Unfunking- these are my speciality!

We can be our greatest strength and also our worst enemy if we don’t start with us first.

I believe it takes soft and hard, soul and grit, messy and calm to be a whole you and that’s what sets you apart from others and brings you back to center.

Self care, self appreciation and inner understanding lays the foundation for your Maverick flight.



Partners, spouses, family, friends- this is the bread and butter of life.

I believe a Maverick strength is capturing the masculine and feminine of everyone, learning how to be a better you in connection with others without losing yourself!

Boundaries and truth telling, filling your own cup first, redefining how you want to be treated and how you present yourself to others, sex, sexual power- all of the fun stuff!


3. BIZ

All about building a biz that is you, serves you, for you, because of you…not being a slave or a sheep…be your own King/Queen in your Biz and rock it with confidence and clarity and fun and profit.

This means stepping boldly into a spotlight and knowing there really is no competition because no one can do exactly what you do how you do it. Sure relieves that pressure off, right?



I’m no health specialist but it’s time we get back inside off our bodies and optimize how we live!

The Maverick sees why it’s so important to go into why mind, body and soul play off of each other, how to read your own self and learn your clues and how to do it without being a slave to the gym or the health store and still balance with the odd pizza and wine here and there.

It’s time to LOVE your body and never shy always from it. USE IT. Own your sexy at any age any size.



My Maverick model lives by this one! How to have fun by showing you how to have fun in everything you do…how to bring your creativity, play and curiosity back into everything you are and do.

Most people leave creativity out when they design a life but honestly it’s the most important element because without it, everything turns boring when the newness wears off.

The Maverick craves the adventure and curiosity of life- so they will go to any lengths to feel as filled up as they can!

But here’s the thing. So many people pick JUST 1-2 areas and think that’s where their fulfillment lies.

That’s not true.

It’s in bringing all parts together, growing in each area and letting them fuel each other that you can finally achieve that feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment from inside out instead of that chasing shiny objects relay race that has you depleted and burnt out!

First you start by finding out what is working and what is NOT. Then finding out what you truly want and going out and getting it. Through the boring baby steps as well as the courageous leaps!


So choose YOU.


Choose that bold beautiful ready YOU that may not know exactly what steps to take, but is prepared to forge your own Maverick path.

Well, what are you waiting for?

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With love,
Shari Teigman



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