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A Goddess walking through the forest, being healed
Do you have similar fantasies about being nurtured … same, same but different?
OK so let’s start with a daily oil blend to boost your immune system.
Actually, you know, our digestive tract is where most of our immune system resides
Don’t have a bath? Me neither!

As I wandered through the forest with sunlight gently tapping my skin through the leaves, I knew, I just knew these trees were healing me. My dog rushed ahead, my friend stood back. I was grieving, letting out the pain with each step.


A Goddess walking through the forest, being healed.


We three companions drove home in silence. I drank tea and stared at my life. The trees had put me back together. I was ready to begin anew. Whole, loved and supported by Mother Nature.

My wish for you dear Goddess sister is that you feel this gift of healing love from the Earth every day too.

We have an ancestral relationship with the plant kingdom going back thousands of years. A healing, balancing, medicinal relationship which unfortunately has been lost to most of us. But it exists, and it is ours. We created it in our ancestral lineage, and now, through the use of doTERRA’s pure essential oils, I believe we have found it again. We are empowered once again to consciously live the best life possible in natural and easy ways.

I am wondering …. How would your life look if you had healthy immunity, proper rest and sleep? Pretty good I imagine.
As women, we hold space for others all the time … organizing, picking up the pieces, maintaining stability for those we love. We don’t always get time out. And if we do, it is not always in the way that we need …. the deep nurturing and healing that somehow, somewhere must exist for us – where oh where is it?

Every evening I fantasise about having my own personal chef, someone who can prepare food that I want … something organic and fresh and delicious and perfect for me. Food that is just right for my body and brain and Soul as I reside in this cherished human conglomeration of cells, carving my own personal legacy out in this crazy world.


Do you have similar fantasies about being nurtured … same, same but different?


If I may digress to start … I am a healer living and working on the East Coast of Australia. I am not a doctor or a university trained expert … as this article unfolds, I am sharing with you the protocols around essential oil use that has led me to witness positive changes in my clients, my family, friends and colleagues. ‘I feel like a new person’ is the most common feedback.

If you have serious health issues and/or are on medication, please consult with your health care practitioner before combining these beautiful pure essential oils… Gifts of the Earth … with your existing daily routine. Also I am only writing about doTERRA CPTG pure oils – I don’t use and am not in a position to write about, or recommend, other brands.

My goal here is to help you put into place some super simple essential oil techniques that will enable you to be the Goddess you already are. Unfortunately no personal chef is involved … but hey, I dream on! All I have to say about food is, on a general level, keep your water intake up and your sugar intake down; limit food with preservatives and pesticides.


OK so let’s start with a daily oil blend to boost your immune system.


On Guard is a protective blend – a delicious smelling combination of wild orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary. You can simply pop a few drops in your essential oil diffuser to kill airborne pathogens and purify the air.

By the way – we don’t heat essential oils as that breaks the molecules and they lose their efficacy – they still smell nice but that is about it – no cellular benefit. A diffuser is a cold water method of essential oil dispersion into a room. What to do with your old candle lit oil burners? Hmmm good question. I donated mine to the goodwill shop.

Next you can mix a few drops of On Guard with carrier oil and rub it into your feet of a morning, the soles of your feet – I find this provides spiritual protection for my aura as well as immune protection for my body. Protecting yourself spiritually is a must if you are dealing with people all day.

If immunity is a big issue for you, you might choose to diffuse On Guard and Lavender at night time so that you can heal as you sleep … we do a lot of healing when we sleep, both physically and with our Soul guides.

On Full Moons I sleep with the blinds flung wide so that Father Sky and Brother Moon can send me energy, balancing and healing. They are my 13 favourite nights of the year.

Be proactive about your wellbeing Goddess …

I am giving you ways here to feel good every day, feel strong every day, feel alive, loved and lovable every single day. What you want is small doses of essential oil, done often … small regular doses of meditation, healing and or oils is what has the best effect. I have noticed that clients, who use their oils regularly, meditate regularly, and receive energy healing regularly have a much better response than people who take a haphazard or crisis management approach.

Let me continue to help … the respiratory blend contains laurel, peppermint, eucalyptus, melaleuca (tea-tree) and ravensara. Here we have a non- toxic alternative to a petrochemical chest rub.

That sentence alone should be enough to make you sit up and take notice …the skin is the largest organ of our body so be aware of what you are putting on there Goddess, your skin is delicate and precious.

This beautiful blend supports your lungs, addresses respiratory conditions, and opens up airways. You can pop a few drops in your diffuser and breath in the goodness, or mix a few drops with carrier oil and rub over your chest and back.

I know these are the everyday basics and maybe not the pampering you were expecting in this blog – my aim here is to make you shine from the inside out. Genuine personal beauty is always an inside job. I want you to light up the room with your personal confidence, glowing good health and smile.


Actually, you know, our digestive tract is where most of our immune system resides.


That is why we use a digestive blend containing anise, peppermint, ginger, caraway, coriander, tarragon and fennel for gut health. Most of my clients refer to this blend as the magic blend as it works like a treat every time.

I actually love a drop with an occasional gin and tonic – my favourite drink! All those gin and digestion herbs and spices seem to mix together so wildly and wonderfully well! Not recommended for people with addiction issues of course – a drop of black pepper oil on your tongue is your natural remedy.

Place a few drops of the digestion blend in a teaspoon of carrier oil and run on your stomach for relief from all digestion and elimination hiccups. Use when you have eaten too much sugar, gluten, or junk food and yes, it is good for both constipation and diarrhea.

Tell me, are you still waiting for your knight in shining armour, or in this case, your miracle oil?

Just as we modern Goddesses are multi-layered and multi-levelled in our Divine daily existence … King Frank will meet you and greet you in all your body systems.

Frankincense bridges all areas – key immune oil, amazing for your nervous system, is a brain support and is great for mood because it is calming and grounding.

It is one of the oils that crosses the blood brain barrier and goes into our limbic system … which controls our moods. I know it doesn’t sound sexy, but feeling good, and having emotional balance is sexy because it is the platform from which we can creatively extend ourselves into all areas of our Goddess expression.

You be your sexy, and I’ll be my sexy, and we’ll both feel good in ourselves. Give yourself the gift of supporting all your body systems by applying a few drops of Frankincense mixed with carrier oil to your spine and back of your neck every single night.

This brings me to rest and sleep. I know for a lot of us it is either exhaustion that doesn’t really heal overnight, or ‘I can’t switch off my brain and am wide awake. Great.’

First of all, I beg you – give yourself the opportunity to wind down properly.

Does the sun just pop up full strength each morning; and drop from view instantly each night? How weird for us that would be if it did.

Why would you do the equivalent to your precious Goddess body?

Common sense advice – turn off electronic devices an hour or so before bedtime – do not work until you drop into bed. It is stressful and unnatural – drop gently out of the day like the sun retiring from the sky at night. A few drops of lavender in a bath with a cup of Epsom salts is a lovely way to wind down.


Don’t have a bath? Me neither!


I make myself a footbath with a tablespoon of Epsom salts and a couple of drops of pure lavender oil. And then I massage frankincense and fractionated coconut oil (my preferred carrier oil) into my feet. It makes me feel loved and cherished. My partner rubs frankincense and carrier oil down my spine. If we had young kids, I would have asked him to bond with them by rubbing frankincense down their spines already. A drop of lavender on everyone’s pillow is a beautiful way to send the whole household off. Keep the bottle by your bed so you can pop another drop on the pillow when you wake up in the middle of the night. Or rub into your feet if the smell is too strong.

And now … let’s talk about being naturally energised and refreshed as you prepare for your day.

Allow your body, mind and Soul to awaken with ease and grace as you come out into the world – stretch, breathe, diffuse peppermint and wild orange in the kitchen/living area as you get up and get going … the whole household, tiny or large, will emerge into the day with a positive vibrational resonance.

And this will become your gift to the world – a walking, talking, happy, healed, balanced Goddess.

I encourage you to bring natural living into your life – create a daily routine for yourself and the results will be exponential. I can help you with choosing the right pure and natural essential oils – please get in touch and we can talk about getting you started. I can help you, your family and friends to connect, balance and heal – it’s what I do, day in, day out in my life as a Master Healer and doTERRA wellness advocate.

You might call it my beautiful obsession.

This foundation will support you in everything from energy and mood to immunity and sleep. Self-love and self-care with pure essential oils is the personal chef that I don’t have … it is definitely more cost effective! I am a happy, balanced and calm Goddess. What kind of Goddess are you waiting to become?

With love,
Valentina Mathias



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