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Chakra, Chakra, Chakra … what on earth does this word mean?


Chakra, Chakra, Chakra … what on earth does this word mean?


How do you know if your chakras are open?

Can you really align yourself with the Universe?

When I look down the centre of your body I see magical, shimmering, shining, turning wheels of light. Each one a different colour, and frequency, with a specific tonal resonance … yes, indeed this is true and this is literally how I hear and see energy centres in your bodies called Chakras.

Being a Master Healer who sees energy as light my world is, and always has been … well, magical.

‘Chakra’ by the way, is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel of light’. Sanskrit, meaning ‘perfected’ or ‘refined’, is one of the oldest of all human languages … it was a means of communication and dialogue by the Hindu Celestial Gods.

How can I share this with you today in seven simple ways?
Today I will teach you how to know if your chakras are open, and thus set you on the path to align yourself with the Universe?

Let me tell you about the seven basic chakras we have in and near our physical body.

They are kind of like a landing pad for your Higher Self to land in your physical body – they are literally the markers that allow the Universe to align with you – to land in your daily world and infuse every aspect of your life with Universal love and light – with Divine intelligence. Will you come on a journey of discovery with me? Stay with me, and at the end I am going to direct you to a chakra meditation for balancing and healing.

Right now … let’s do it! Are you ready to relax into the journey?




Imagine feeling warm and strong and earthy … completely at ease in your body. Warm, safe, secure … doing work you love and being present in the moment as you expand yourself generously and easily into your abundant life, happily sharing with those less fortunate. You feel stable and comfortable within yourself. You love the length and breadth of each day because you are on the right career path for you. Red lights you up. Strong, powerful vibrant deep red. This is you being your Base Chakra – your life force.




And now … let me take you to a dance of graceful movements, emotional intelligence and natural flow with change … you innately know how to enjoy pleasure, seeking and embracing life’s passions, including sexual satisfaction. Because you have healthy boundaries you are able to nurture yourself and others. Orange lights you up. Healthy, happy, totally gorgeous orange.
Welcome to your sacral Chakra – your creativity and sexuality.




And here we are at daybreak: Is this you? I wake up warm and confident in the morning. I stretch, meditate, eat and sit down to focus on my day. My calm self-discipline gives me a positive sense of self. This then gives me confidence in life, and the ability to be spontaneous and take risks. I love life! And I love a good joke too. I feel fantastic as I expand bright yellow sunshiny energy into the day. I am the Solar Plexus Chakra. I am personal power.




Now you have really entered your body energetically and you feel something like this – When I love, I love unconditionally – and that includes how I love and accept myself. I communicate from the heart – I know I am in tune with my true feelings because I have a daily spiritual practice, like meditation or prayer. And I love being loved! I love the warmth and gentle tingling feelings love travelling through me brings. My body is that of a Goddess, no matter the shape or size. Soft glowing green light expands and contracts in and around my chest constantly. I am the Heart Chakra and I bring unconditional love for myself and others.




Let’s move along … timing and rhythm – that’s my thing!. I love saying just the right thing at just the right time and oh! You know I am a great listener. I listen to you; and I also listen to me. This attunement – this ability to really hear, allows me to have a resonant, full voice when I do speak… allows me to live my life with creativity and confidence. I see blue and turquoise colours sparkling and vibrating rhythmically out from my throat. This is your Throat Chakra – the centre of communication.




Moving up your body to the centre of your forehead – you dream and you remember your dreams – more than that – they provide you with sustenance and perhaps even give you a guiding vision for life. Your dreams and your intuition – they are spot on. Even when awake, you are able to visualise your way to the next phase of any project. That’s not all – because of your strong intuition, you have penetrating insight into the events and people around you. Your colour is purple or indigo – you sparkle brightly like a crystal. This is you being your Third Eye Chakra – the chakra of intuition.




Wisdom. Even the word makes you relaxed. Spiritual connection. Mastery, Intelligence. Presence. Open-mindedness. Ability to question. Ability to assimilate and analyse information. If all these words or phrases light you up with a yes, yes, yes! You are, my friend, the exquisite Crown Chakra – overflowing with violet or diamond coloured light – connection to Divinity. In meditation, you often explode into activity – washing the whole body with Divine healing.
So that is how you know if your chakras are open. And remember they have to be open for you to align yourself with the Universe.
Let’s go through our beautiful chakras again.

This time I am going to ask you some questions or make some statements related to negative patterns you may have happening in your life. And then … yes afterwards, I am going to show you an easy and affordable chakra meditation for balancing and healing. I know it’s a good mp3 because I recorded it myself! I am also going to advise you on some pure essential oils to assist each chakra because we are creative, multi-dimensional beings in a physical body. If we come at a blockage from a couple of different angles, we are more likely to succeed in our healing endeavour.

OK, let’s get going …

BASE: Are you uncomfortable in your body? Are you avoiding being in control of your finances, your home life or the job that you do every day? Do you comfort eat? The essential oil you need is a balancing and grounding blend containing Spruce, Ho Wood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, and Osmanthus. Apply to your ankles and feet.

SACRAL: There is no room for pleasure in my life. I have no idea about my own needs and have no connection to the concept of my sexuality being sacred and beautiful. Actually I’ve got dreadful boundaries and am often disrespectful to the beliefs of others. I get urinary tract infections regularly. Does this sound like you? The essential oil for you is Wild Orange. Mix with carrier oil and rub on your lower stomach.

SOLAR: When people challenge you, what happens? Do you crumble or stand your ground? Are you OK with being different, with being uniquely you? Do you celebrate your strengths, even if that makes you stand out from the crowd? Your oil is oregano. Mix 1 drops with a carrier oil and rub into the soles of your feet – particularly right there in the centre.

HEART: I have no idea what my body needs – I’m in crisis before I realise I need to look after myself. I put myself last and don’t really feel worthy of love, actually I can be a bit of a marty and I can’t understand why people are so forgiving of their partners and children. The ideal oil for you is geranium. Mix a couple of drops with carrier oil and rub into your chest.

THROAT: You know what? I can’t keep secrets. I just … blurt them out; I can’t seem to figure out when to keep my mouth shut. My voice, whether I am talking to me or to you, seems to run off on tangents… I am not conscious of what I am saying. And I hardly ever speak my truth – I am way too confused and scared for that. The oil you need to come into balance is lavender. Mix a drop with carrier oil and rub on your throat.

THIRD EYE: Tell me now – do you have difficulty telling what is real and what is not? Are you unable to focus or visualise a plan? When people say ‘look at it from another perspective’ do you find this concept impossible to embrace? Don’t worry, I have the oil for you and it is called Clary Sage – one drop rubbed between your eyebrows and your third eye vision will start to activate (you may feel a tingling sensation).

CROWN: I kind of get stuck in this whirlwind where I overthink things and have a hard time turning my brain off. Weirdly, I can also be really close- minded and rigid – very stuck. I just don’t feel a spiritual connection is there for me and am suspicious of people who say they are tuned in to a Higher connection. There is a sacred oil for you called Frankincense – mix a few drops with carrier oil and apply to the forehead along the hairline and top of the head (crown).

So … about that chakra meditation for balancing and healing I promised you. I have an mp3 that I recorded, professionally with a sound engineer. It is beautiful – powerful, balancing and deeply healing. I guide you to find each of the seven chakras described above – the recording will help you to release old patterns and energy from each of your chakras. This mp3 will also re-calibrate each of the chakras mentioned above with your Divine Self – your Higher Self and thus you will naturally, with ease and grace, align yourself with the Universe. There is another healing surprise in there too – I will be aligning your chakras with Mother Earth’s Chakras – her sacred sites.

Here is the link for you:

Please can get in touch and let me know how you go with it – ask questions if you need to. Reach out if I can help you with chakra healing and/or purchasing pure essential oils – my life mission is to connect, balance and heal people all over the world.

I only recommend and sell doTERRA oils as the company has stringent in-house and third-party scientific testing. They also source indigenously and partner with local people on the ground all over the world. I have a huge amount of respect for this company as it is making a positive impact on people’s lives everywhere.

With love,
Valentina Mathias



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