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Beauty from the inside out is key to an overall healthy lifestyle. A lot of money is spent buying the latest products that promise to make split ends go away and towards top of the line skincare that guarantees to erase every wrinkle. Although some of these products definitely help, the best results come from feeding the body nutrient, dense foods.

When we care for our temple on a cellular level, we are able to release toxins internally.

In return, the body is able to absorb and use the nutrients that will help us look better and most importantly feel better. Along with all of the amazing benefits our body reaps comes healthy hair and vibrant skin.

The condition of our external, physical features such as our hair and skin is a huge indicator of what’s going on internally. If your diet consists of fried and greasy foods, skin tends to look dull and drab and more likely than not breakouts will occur. Also, oily foods will clog the follicles of the hair which can lead to hair loss. Hair is made of protein and if you are not eating enough of it, dryness and thinning can be the result. These are just a few examples of how what we put in our bodies affect us. It can be pretty simple. All it takes is to feed the body what it needs to function at its optimal best to produce favorable outcomes.

Given our agricultural system and the increased amount of processed foods, there is a lack of nutrients available in what we consume. Sometimes that calls for adding vitamins in a regimen to supplement an already healthy diet. Below, I will list some of my top favorites that are simple to include in your recipes and meals. Included are foods to eat to have healthy hair and a healthy scalp. You will also see that a few of them are effective for encouraging hair growth and supporting healthy skin.

Below is a simple list of the top six vitamins for glowing skin and hair that I feel are vital.

Hope this inspires you to explore with foods that have so much goodness in them. I promise you that you will feel amazing in your body! The cherry on top is that you will have great hair and flawless skin!





1. Hair-Supporting a healthy scalp is where healthy hair begins. With the omega-3 fatty acids in salmon, it helps keep the scalp moisturized which in turn keeps the hair shaft hydrated. This will help the hair stay healthy and strong and avoid split ends which damages the hair and doesn’t make a woman that is wanting to grow her hair out very happy.

2. Skin-Inflammation in the skin cause redness, skin irritations and breakouts. Being rich in antioxidants, salmon helps calm it down and keep the skin healthy. Our bodies don’t have the capabilities of producing fatty acids so incorporating them into our diets with the foods we eat helps keep the skin strong and supple.


1. Hair-Carrots Have Vitamin A in them which encourage the sebaceous glands to create oil on the scalp. The sebum helps keep the scalp and the hair super moisturized. This is important in order to maintain healthy hair so it doesn’t get dry and break off.

2. Skin-Beta-carotene is a precursor to vitamin A and because carrots have high levels of it, it is a major contributor to healthy skin. It promotes skin cell production which helps strengthen the barrier of the skin and protects your complexion from irritants and helps the skin heal more quickly. It also protects from UV damage which is major in preventing the skin from aging and spotting.


1. Hair-Because of the high amounts of biotin that almonds have, consuming them can make your hair grow faster and thicker. Magnesium in almonds help prevent hair loss and they also are rich with vitamin E which encourages a healthy scalp which is the foundation for a good head of hair.

2. Skin-Almonds are rich in Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that wards off damaging free radicals which help keep the skin healthy and even ups your skin’s defense against skin cancer by protecting it from UV rays. The blocking of the UV rays prevents skin damage, sun spots and premature aging.


1. Hair-They contain Vitamin C which helps strengthen the hair shaft and follicles. Stronger hair equals less breakage and no split ends. The collagen makes for resilient hair.

2. Skin-Yellow peppers are packed with carotenoids which is an antioxidant that decreases sun sensitivity. The vitamin C in them helps boost collagen to support healthy elasticity in the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines around the eyes, crow’s feet and laugh lines and brightens the face up.


1. Hair-Dark green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli and lettuces are important to include in your diet. These veggies are an amazing source of vitamin A and Vitamin C. Both these vitamins help in the production of oil, which is a natural hair conditioner that moisturizes your skin and scalp. The collagen that Vitamin C helps build makes for strong locks of hair.

2. Skin-Being that they are rich in vitamin A, an antioxidant, it promotes healthy skin cell turnover and production which is a recipe for less wrinkles and younger looking skin.


1. Hair-Blueberries are an example of a super fruit that is loaded with vitamin C. It encourages oxygen circulation to the scalp and hair follicles, and prevents hair breakage.

2. Skin-One of the biggest benefits of eating berries is the abundance of protective antioxidants that will be a barrier for your skin from free radicals and help minimize the damage they can cause such as brown spots and breakouts. Vitamin C keeps the skin firm and strong and the anti inflammatory protection helps prevent aging skin. With no sagging and less wrinkles, the skin looks plump and full.


1. Hair-Because oysters are rich in zinc, including them in your diet can help with hair loss or dandruff. Hair loss or dandruff is due to low level of hormone androgen production. Zinc helps produce androgens which fight against hair falling out and white flakes on your head and shoulders. It also helps your locks retain shine and health.

2. Skin-They are a good source of zinc, which aids in skin cell renewal and repair. As new cells are being produced, the skin has the opportunity to heal and minimize lines or scars.


1. Hair-Sweet potatoes are loaded with beta-carotene, which when consumed gets converted to vitamin A. Vitamin A prevents dull scalp and hair and promotes growth and proper circulation of oxygen to the hair follicle. Instead of dull, damaged and lifeless hair, you can have a silky full head of hair.

2. Skin-Sweet potatoes are packed with beta-carotene, an antioxidant that fights aging. Loaded with Vitamin C, it’s easy to maintain youthful looking face because of the ability to support and strengthen the elasticity of the skin and help brighten and moisturize your complexion.





1. Hair-It helps with hair growth and strength because it helps build collagen.
2. Skin-Helps build collagen which is the main connective tissue in the skin so it supports elasticity of the skin by reducing sagging and smoothing wrinkles.


1. Hair-It stimulates oxygen uptake and promotes circulation to the scalp which encourage hair growth because of the healthy follicles.
2. Skin-It boosts the production of collagen so it helps fight wrinkles and other signs of aging.


1. Hair-It helps produce oil on the scalp which prevents the hair from drying out or breaking off.
2. Skin-It has antioxidant properties that help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and promote cell growth.


1. Hair-They assist in nourishing the hair follicles which encourage healthy hair growth.
2. Skin- It’s a natural moisturizer and helps keep skin clear.


1. Hair-Helps with hair loss and to maintain healthy hair. A lack in iron is a main cause of hair falling out.
2. Skin-Helps with brightness and radiance. Low iron is a cause of anemia which can make one look pale and the skin dull.


1. Hair-Nourishes cells so it helps with healthy hair growth and prevents hair loss.
2. Skin-Elasticity of the skin improves because of the nourishment to the cells biotin provides.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms or deficiencies with your mane or complexion, take a closer look at your diet and start including the foods that have the nutrients that your body may be lacking. As you can see, natural ingredients in what we eat really helps the quality of our skin and hair.

A well balanced diet filled with protein, healthy fats, fruits and veggies plays an important part in our overall wellness. When we make a conscious effort to nourish our bodies and help it heal on a cellular level we benefit both inside and out. A balance between how we approach our internal and external well being is an amazing way to not only feel good but also look good. Our bodies are a beautiful thing and when fed delicious, healthy and nutritious foods, it responds the way that it is suppose to and it shows up in a head of luscious locks, gorgeous skin and a happy woman.

With love,
Chris Megia

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