Author: Shari Teigman

The Imposter Within & How To Conquer That Mask

Reading Time: 12 minutes Table of Contents The Perfectionist The Superman/woman The Natural Genius The Rugged Individualist The Expert Learn to take mistakes as a lesson Remove the addiction to validation Realize we are all (yes all) a work in progress Take action Realize what is at stake Virtually every successful person has something else in common other than their outside success. No it’s not privilege or influence. It’s not even brilliance or connections. It’s the feeling of being a fraud at one point or another as they reach their achievements. Otherwise know in psychology terms as…drumroll please- IMPOSTER...

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The Maverick Revolution- What You’ve Been Missing On That Search For Wholeness

Reading Time: 10 minutes Table of Contents FIND YOUR MAVERICK SIDE. Time to activate that Maverick On that elusive search for more, most people just like you and me (also, er, you and me actually) can be lead farther away from answers rather than hitting that jackpot we think exists. Why is that you may wonder? Most times, it’s a variation on trying to fit into someone else’s mold after just having left an old one. Let me explain. So you set off on this quest to find deeper meaning in your life, relationships, business or even just in...

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